3 Ways To Make Money At Home Presented On The Laptop Millionaire World Tour

Who else wants to know the 3 best ways to make money online, which I learned from internet millionaires? With around 400 entrepreneurs at The Laptop Millionaire World Tour in London one might expect to discover something new about the internet business. There was no disappointment there. In this article I will share 3 ways from which anyone can make money at home.

Facebook for list building.
Organise “webinar joint ventures” and take 50% of the profit.
Provide internet business services.
Facebook – One delegate explained how she set up a Facebook page and attracted over 28,000 likes in less than 2 days. Every laptop millionaire will tell you that the money is in the list. This strategy helps you build your list fast. Her top tips included the following.

When you set up your fan page, choose the “community” option not “small business”.
Post a minimum of twice a day. Between 7 and 9 am and around 9 -10 pm is the best time to find Facebook fans online.
Funny pictures help fans relax. Interesting quotes give fans a different slant on life. Information and latest gadget pictures attract fans.
Like other people’s pages. Show you respect other people’s contribution to the community.
Recommend and send people to your own or affiliate websites, where your fans can get irresistible offers, including signing up (opting in) to free reports, newsletters etc.
Webinar Joint Ventures – If you have a large list of prospects, offer to organise a webinar for others with a great product. Offer to get their product (be it an eBook, a DVD set etc.) in front of your list customers in a particular niche. In order to give excellent value to your Joint Venture partner make sure your list of prospective customers’ match the product from which you both wish to make money.

He/she builds the product or service and a presentation explaining its benefits.
You set up the webinar using software, email people on your list and invite them to see what this exciting venture is about.
Prepare an introduction promoting the main speaker.
Although you might set the session up in London, your partner might be in Sidney. Your partner joins the webinar as the presenter and talks through the presentation. Have plenty of information, but hold something back. At the end offer (his product or service).
You end by thanking the audience and reminding them to buy now.
Record the webinar and email out the replay to your list a few days later.
Share the profits from the sales generated by the webinar 50:50.
Services – Most people are 50% more busy in 2013 than they were in the 1970s. Many feel “time stressed”. You can take the pressure off by offering services to other internet business owners. Here are just a few ideas for services you can charge for.

Set up Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts. Build an audience, update the content daily and link people to your customers’ websites.
Write articles promoting a website where your customer has products that he wants to make money online from.
Copy writing. Write webpage content, advertisements, squeeze pages.
Outsource the work to build attractive opt-in pages.
Monitor the traffic to the customers’ websites and prepare weekly reports.
Webinars and videos.
The fees you charge for these services will be several times the fees you paid (more on how to find them and manage them another time).

At the seminar a delegate who had Facebook knowledge worked with one of the key speakers to combine her expertise with a service offering to deliver a highly attractive product. Then she learned how to build a webinar which she presented to the audience, many of whom took up the offer there and then. By combining the 3 ideas in this article, it looked easy to build a new and effective business model, which the delighted young lady concerned is planning to take forward.

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