The Basics of Vehicle Wrap Advertising

A vehicle wrap often known as vinyl wrap is an automotive aftermarket practice that involves a large vinyl cover or printed vinyl decal applied directly over the original paint of the vehicle. A vehicle wrap can be partial and complete both. The partial vehicle wraps is called as vehicle signage and covers some parts of the vehicle like windows while a full wrap covers the entire vehicle.

The vehicle wrap advertising, also called as vehicle branding, can be done on cars, vans, trucks and almost any vehicle. The cost of wrapping a vehicle depend on various factors like type of vehicle, size of vehicle, type of film used, the amount of coverage, etc. Business that opt for vehicle wrap advertising will find that their investment will last for a longer duration (usually 5 to 7 years).

Are you ready to design a visually compelling signage that not only draws viewer’s attention but leaves a lasting impression too? Here are a few things to consider to guarantee vehicle wrap advertising success.

1) Measure twice, wrap once

The vinyl wrap must be properly measured before its installation on a vehicle. Having the right dimensions will help you get a precise quote from the digital printing company. Inaccurate measurements can snatch away the overall appearance and can also distort the design.

To get the right dimensions for a custom vehicle wrap, you should measure the vehicle across its length, width and height. You should also click a few photos of your vehicle from different sides and give it to the signage company as a reference.

2) Keep it simple

It is important that you keep the vehicle wrap simple, attractive and clearly visible even from distance. As you have a limited window to deliver your message, most mobile adverts keep their information small and precise.

3) Consider colors carefully

For perfect contrast, enhanced visibility and better readability, you should carefully choose colors. In order to maximize design effectiveness, stick to two to three color combinations.

Below are some tried and tested color combinations that bring positive and influencing reactions from customers:

Yellow and Blue – Gives a playful, yet confident impression.
Black and Orange – Creates an overall feeling of liveliness and power.
Red, Navy, and Yellow – Exudes confidence and power.
Black and Red – A fierce combination that displays intensity.
Blue and White – Communicates trust and tranquility.
4) Be brief

Make use of fewest words possible to maximize your vehicle wrap advertising. Never try to sell via mobile advertising platforms. The vehicle’s signage design is just for branding of business. For typography, make use of fonts that are best for fast legibility.

5) Use engaging shapes

Shapes play a vital role in visual design elements. They help in customer engagement by generating visual interest. Businesses can use shapes to transform their typefaces creatively. They can also be used to frame content and establish a focal point of design. Incorporating unique and create shapes in vehicle wrap advertising will improve chances of getting seen by potential customers.

6) Choose the right vinyl film
Use the highest quality vinyl film to ensure your design conforms well to the shape of your vehicle. The substandard vinyl films won’t survive long and can even damage the OEM’s paint finish when removed.

Wrapping It Up
The above few principles when followed properly can help you create a mobile advert that is not only dynamic and colorful but also delivers a “wow” factor that attracts customers.

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